Democracy versus authoritarianism

Democracy versus authoritarianism

Hindustan is a reality. So too is Pakistan. Religious and thereby cultural divides will keep them apart as nation-states permanently. Diet and clothes preferences come at the fore and then there are linguistic leanings. But, equally indisputable are the commonalities like sport, as in cricket song and film, though philosophies differ.

Geo-political wants necessitate the two states remaining at odds with one another so long as the Great Game continues to be played by the western powers. Pakistan has stolen some marches by looking east towards China; Hindustan has not: it continues to dance to the tune of western bagpipes.

China’s Belt & Road initiative led by the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has left the west’s economic ambitions in the region weakened – and this rankles. But, there’s not much that the West (namely the US and the UK) can do about it other than waging proxy wars with Israel and Hindustan today the prime patsies.

It’s an interesting gambit: some of the Arab nations have begun wagging their tails. Not Putin’s Russia, nor Erdogan’s Turkey and, certainly not the Ayatollah’s. Iran. Hindustan is awaiting the outcome of the US Presidential race, while China and Pakistan are alerted to all possibilities, as are Malaysia and Indonesia.

Meanwhile the Covid-19 reigns supreme with nearly every border around the globe sealed and not many countries ready to avail Russia’s offer to provide a vaccine subsequent to the US’s firm rejection of it for not being truly tried and tested. So, there’s clear acceptance of the United States being the lead nation.

The passionately democratic European Union accepts this with the US its largest market, but is baffled by the incumbent American President quixotic questioning of the NATO barrier and strange leanings towards Russia under its authoritarian leader President Vladimir Putin, while pleading the cause of democracy.

Priding itself as the largest democracy in the world, India too should be bemused but the ‘Hindustan’ under Narenedra Modi, apparently is not. Pakistan, allied as it is to Xi Jinping’s China and, historical recognition of authoritarianism as a polity, is immune. Modi’s would-be democratic Hindutva Hindustan profoundly confuses.

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