Russia-China strategic partnership

Russia-China strategic partnership

Russia and China must of needs remain on the same side with the US sanctions on the former and tired
tirade on the latter. What this translates into is that while the US sees China as its rival on market
products side, Russia quite openly challenges the US on the sale of armaments.
Time and again this rivalry has been seen on International stage, more especially the Security Council at
the UN and, everywhere where the great powers gather to present their global perspectives: China has
always stood by Russia on the clash of the Titans and there’s no reason to suppose this will change.
Here’s how the renowned socialist scholar Pepe Escobar reads it:
“And then there’s the relentlessly evolving game-changer responsible for the US establishment’s
sleepless nights: the Russia-China strategic partnership.
Two weeks ago, an immensely important geopolitical development was virtually buried by corona-
Moscow is very much aware that Washington is deploying missile defense systems very close to Russia’s
borders – carrying the potential to deliver a nuclear first strike. Beijing is following this development
with alarm.
Moscow being aware of it is just part of the story: the key point is that Russia is confident sophisticated
weapons such as the Sarmat and the Avangard (missile systems) will take care of it.
More complex is the issue of Pentagon bioweapon labs in the former USSR – an issue also closely
followed by Beijing. Moscow has identified a lab near Tbilisi in Georgia, and 11 of them in Ukraine. And
way back in 2014, when Crimea was reunited with Russia, scientists also found a lab in Simferopol.
All this information – nuclear and bioweapons – …is exchanged at the highest level of the Russia-China
strategic partnership.
The next big move in the geopolitical chessboard points to the partnership negotiating their bilateral
relations with the US as a team.
Nothing could be more rational, considering they are regarded as the top two “threats” to the US,
according to the National Security Strategy”.
In short, India for all the progress it has made on the market economy and yes, technological fronts, is as
yet only a bit player on the global stage, despite its massive size and claim to fame as a nuclear power.

Trailing far behind, although nuclear armed, Pakistan has elected to steer a middle course, realistically
accepting it has only a minute in role to play in the Great Power rivalry, with no delusions of grandeur.
So, in steps the global pandemic Covid-19 with its lockdowns cutting everyone down to size to launch
yet another smoke and mirrors game, which is much of a ‘no-brainer’ as there ever has been.
Said so often before but conveniently ignored is that “man proposes; God disposes”. Add to this the
hackneyed cliché “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not all the people all the
time”, and you have a completed picture – for whatever the net worth in these times of tension.

By Z.U. Kramet

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